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zhejiang, certified public accountants co., LTD.  Can be better for the Limited by Share Ltd, limited liability companies, foreign investment enterprises and other legal entities to provide multi-faceted professional services. Including but not limited to:

(a) a tax assurance business.

The verification of enterprise income tax, attestation report;
The loss of assets verification, attestation report;
The settlement of land value-added tax attestation, attestation report;
The provisions of laws and administrative regulations of the tax assurance business.


(two) tax advisory services

The agency providing tax registration, tax and tax rebates, tax declaration, establish account account, apply for VAT general taxpayer qualification, making tax related documents on behalf of, and carry out tax consulting (consultant), tax planning, tax and other tax related services business training;
I undertake accounting consultancy and accounting services, including other business rules, bookkeeping, accounting consulting, management consulting, training, accounting laws and regulations;
The other tax consulting.